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  • Nicole Cook

Sharity Bracelet

This beautiful pink and grey bracelet is dedicated to all the young women overcoming the challenges of being diagnosed with cancer.

Having a cancer diagnosis at any age is devastating, but young woman battling this disease hits home for me. With family members who I've lost to cancer, to most recently a friend who lost her battle just after her 30th birthday, to even Rebecca (founder of Sharity) who is a young cancer survivor herself, I wanted this bracelet to help others who've experienced or are experiencing this same hardship.

When I found out about the Pink Pearl Foundation, I knew it was the perfect fit for the charity proceeds from this bracelet's sales to go to. Pink Pearl is a community-oriented charitable organization that provides support, facilitates connections, and empowers young women who are courageously overcoming the social and emotional challenges of being diagnosed with cancer across Canada. With every sale of this bracelet $5 will be donated to their mission.

This bracelet is not only a pretty gift for someone, or yourself, but it also will share a story of giving back to a community who need your support.


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